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The wine blossom, always exciting | Our THEO white wine, for the hot time - save 33% now!

The Rebbüte is currently in full swing. When we think of "blossom", we usually think of a colorful bouquet of flowers, but the vine blossom is not what we imagine it to be. I would be happy to explain to you how we winegrowers see the vine blossom (or rather, the vine blossom). Well right now in these days, it has started and usually only lasts a few days. That said, some cultivars started earlier and some have just started flowering. Well, the actual fertilization takes place behind closed doors, so you can't see the actual flowering process. When the flower cap has fallen off, the flowering process is actually already over. You can then see the actual fruit and the pollen threads with the anthers. But what is particularly worth knowing for us wine lovers is (and very few people know that); the grapevine is self-pollinating and usually does not require bees or other pollinators. She is a hermaphrodite!

The ovary quickly develops into the actual berry. In any case; In this development phase, the vine is particularly sensitive and vulnerable. The vine loves a period of fine weather like the one we are having right now.

THEO_white wine_cuvee

I always associate these nature images with a fresh, lively wine; like the 2022 THEO white wine. Our "youngest offspring" has meanwhile become an integral part of our wine range.

I invite you to taste the current vintage with me.

Take advantage of my offer.

As a THEODORUS regular customer, you benefit from this special loyalty campaign.

The 6-pack THEO white wine - rescuer of the day-, exclusively for my regular customers, is available at a special price!

Instead of € 52.20 for € 35.40! You save € 17 per pack of 6!

Your joy is my joy. With this in mind, we wish you lots of fun while enjoying

Your winemaker Thomas Lergenmüller

A 6-pack THEO white wine 2022 rescuer of the day - offer: instead of € 52.20 only € 35.40! You save € 17 per pack of 6!

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