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Our vineyards are located around the wine towns of Hainfeld, Edesheim, Flemlingen and Siebeldingen. In the latter, the grapes for our famous single vineyard wines "Siebeldingen im Sonnenschein" are harvested.

But a great wine does not come about by itself. He needs the nutrients of an unpolluted soil, the prudent hand of an experienced winemaker and the greatest care during the harvest. Sometimes we prefer the time-consuming manual harvest to get the best out of our best locations. The gentle processing of the grapes and the slow fermentation of the pre-clarified must are a matter of course for us as organic winegrowers. This is how the wine comes into its own, this is how it unfolds its authentic character. 

The gentle processing of the grapes without pumping preserves the subtle and defining aromas. In temperature-controlled fermentation, Thomas Lergenmüller attaches great importance to the typicality of the site and the purity of the variety. All Theodorus wines are fermented at cooler temperatures than recommended. In the young wine, the longest possible contact with the yeast ensures maximum aroma complexity. Thomas Lergenmüller achieves his premium qualities with strict yield limitation, late harvest, careful grape selection and must weights that are well above the legal requirements. Some of the red Theodorus wines in particular need time to develop their nuances optimally, which is why they are only released for sale a few years after the harvest. ​


As a winemaker you have to be an all-rounder. It doesn't matter whether it's repairing a tractor, the ripeness of the grapes, the condition of the soil or the implementation of EU labeling guidelines. It's good when people accompany you who also understand a lot of all these things.

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