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I wish you a happy Easter | Very exciting - I'm trying the new biodynamic natural wine

Dear friends of good taste,

Easter is the time of spring, hope and new beginnings. That's exactly how I thought I could start my introduction to the new newsletter! In wine language we always find beautiful words that make us curious about the new and unknown.

Today I'm tasting the first bottle of our natural wine PurNature 2023. Like all of my wines, these are made according to the strict guidelines of the Demeter Association. But this natural wine is something completely different...

Well, one of the things that makes it different is that it was made without the addition of sulfur. Let's start at the beginning! The grapes are harvested, mashed - this means the grapes are crushed and fermented together in their own juice over several days.

The special thing about it is that this method of production is actually only used for making red wine! The mash ferments with her own yeasts that she brought from the vineyard. So no pure yeast is added to start fermentation. Only biodynamically working winemakers actually do this consciously, and this is also what the guidelines of the Demeter Association say. So there are different yeast strains on the grape, and accordingly they vary from vineyard to vineyard. We are also talking about terroir here, as these are unique, as are the topography and the microclimate of the vineyard.

This year I chose the Gewürztraminer grape variety, also because the vineyard is in the "Hainfelder Letten" location. The heavy clay soil characterizes this special wine with these terroir elements. There is a fine line between the aromas of the grape variety and the origin of the wine as well as the notes that arise from the introduction of oxygen when we make this wine. All pumping and moving is done as gently as possible to avoid oxidation.

I am particularly careful when decanting and bottling. This only takes place on particularly favorable days according to Maria Thun's lunar calendar and in high-pressure weather conditions so that the trub does not rise. After all, this wine comes into the bottle without filtration, so it is cloudy.

I think these little special features make this wine so exciting, and I also think that you can taste this bundle of energy and vitality in this wine. Just try it yourself. Bottom up!

Good to know:

Cultivation method: A true natural wine can only be made from grapes that have been grown and processed according to organic or biodynamic principles.

Taste: Natural wines can have unique and sometimes unexpected aromas and flavor profiles due to their natural production method and spontaneous fermentation. They can be fresh and fruity as well as complex and earthy.

Drinking temperature: Natural wines are often drunk at a slightly cooler temperature than conventional wines in order to optimally bring out their aromas.

Shelf life: Due to the lower use of preservatives, natural wines can be more sensitive to oxygen and temperature fluctuations. It is therefore advisable to consume them within a reasonable period of time after opening.

Place the bottle upright: 24 hours before opening, we should place the bottle upright and no longer turn it over or move it. The solids should then have settled on the bottom of the bottle. We pour the wine carefully and like to leave the deposit in the bottle.

Let it breathe: After opening the wine, let it breathe for a while so that it opens up and develops its aromas.

Observe: Look at the color, clarity and viscosity of the wine.

Smell: Notice the scent of the wine and try to identify different aromas.

Taste: Taste the wine and pay attention to the flavor profiles it offers. Also pay attention to the texture and finish (aftertaste).

In summary, natural wines are an exciting alternative to conventional wines and are an authentic and honest product that reflects the character of the terroir and the winemaker. It is definitely worth trying them out and embarking on a taste journey of a special kind! I hope I have made you a little curious about the new 2023 natural wine. But be careful, I have only limited this bottling to 401 bottles!

Of course you can also mix your wine package. I ship freight free for orders of 12 or more bottles! Almost all of the new vintages are already in the bottle. So, the better way to try is to study!

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